The Autoimmune Journey

A functional, personal approach to living well with Autoimmune Disease.

Please note: Kaylynn comes to us with pediatric experience, and she is our in-house expert for working with children.

Dr. Greg Mongeon, DC, PN1, CLS

Dr. Greg Mongeon is the founder of our clinic and the leader of our clinical team. With 20 years of  experience, Dr. Greg has become a recognized leader in the world of functional medicine.

Kaylynn Kenutis, APRN-CNS

Kaylynn is our practitioner overseeing chronic illness & infection journeys. On top of 12 years practicing, Kaylynn brings her own experience with autoimmune disease and her passion for restoring optimal health to the table.

Who’s it for?

Anyone plagued by a chronic ailment keeping them from their maximum potential.

Symptoms Like:


Weight Gain

Brain Fog

Digestive Issues

Chronic Pain

Lack of Energy



Weight Loss

Many more!

Diagnoses Like:

“Mystery” Illness

“Your labs are normal”

Lyme Disease

Epstein Barr Virus



Rheumatoid Arthritis

Chronic illness of all kinds

Autoimmune Disease of all kinds

Many more!

Book my Consult

For autoimmune disease, chronic infection, mystery illness, and chronic illness of all kinds.

Initial Consult

One-on-one with Clinician

In a 60-minute appointment with our clinician, you’ll explore your health history, where you stand today, and how we can come alongside you in your journey. Additionally, we will provide you with options for lab testing.

Running Labs

Run Labs, Get Results

Lab testing quantifies our suspicions, ensuring we’re approaching what you’re up against correctly and accounting for every detail.

Analysis & Game Plan

Expert Analysis & Protocol Building

Labs are only as good as their expert interpretation. Our clinician will record a video walking you through the results step by step. A follow up appointment will be established so you can ask questions, gain insights, and reflect with an expert on your side.

Moving Forward

Health Coaching or Individual Plan

You’ll leave your lab analysis appointment with expert insights in hand for you to consider. At this time, you can continue on with one of our trained health coaches or forge your own path. In the clinician-led journey, our health coaches are available to you on an unlimited basis for no additional fee.


What's the investment?

The initial consultation with Kaylynn is $97. At the end of that evaluation, Kaylynn will present some options for comprehensive lab testing. We consider lab testing to be an essential part of our process. The average lab testing package may range from $1100 – $3000.

If you choose to move forward with a clinician-guided journey after receiving lab analysis, please anticipate an additional investment for monthly health coaching and supplements. Our clinicians are more than happy to work with the supplement budget you have available.

Do you take my insurance?

Vitae Functional Medicine is a cash-based practice. We do not submit to insurance. We do offer options for third-party financing.

Will I be healed by the end of my journey?

Our goal is to ensure that you complete your journey farther down the road than where you started. Biochemical individuality makes it impossible for us to guarantee results. While one person may experience immediate positive momentum, another may have to work for months to reach the same place.

If you commit yourself to the journey, we believe you’re setting yourself up for great success.

What is functional medicine?

Functional medicine is a treatment approach that seeks the root cause of a disease rather than the symptoms that cause presents.

Like conventional medicine, we make use of medical-grade lab testing. However, the tests we run are often more comprehensive and we interpret them through the lens of functional medicine.

In the end, functional medicine is often labeled as a more holistic approach because we believe that the body doesn’t need help healing, it just needs no interference.

I've tried everything. What makes you different?

Great question. There’s no one magic pill or tool we have here that makes the difference. We experience lots of success as a clinic thanks to our philosophy that the body responds appropriately to its environment. When we start there, the question becomes “so what’s in the environment?” 

Your environment consists of numerous factors ranging from family history and past trauma to present living situations and diets. In short, a complex, unique individual should be treated like one!