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Personal, functional, integrative care.

Clinician-led wellness journies for chronic illness & infection, hormone balance, and recovery.

What is functional medicine?

Chronic Illness & Infection

For autoimmune disease, chronic infection, mystery illness, and chronic illness of all kinds.

Women’s Health & Hormones

For hormone imbalances, hormone replacement therapy, and women’s health issues.

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Take a step towards a healthier you. We offer a variety of ways to get started – an initial consult with Dr. Greg for chronic illness or infection, a women’s health & hormones evaluation, or a package in our recovery suite. Learn more about getting started by clicking the button below.

The Daily Dose with Dr. Greg Podcast

Dr. Greg connects you to the greatest minds in the world of living well.

Gluten-Free Living with Hanna Lane

Hanna Lane is one of the world’s biggest innovators in the world of gluten-free living. In this episode, we learn how to read a gluten-free label, the benefits from choosing a wellness lifestyle, and why AWG Bakery is just that good.

Hormone Health Master Class

Emily Anderson, APRN-CNS, is Vitae’s own hormones & women’s health expert. In this episode, we learn all about hormones – everything from hormone replacement therapy to estrogen-dominance, cortisol (stress) regulation, PCOS, endometriosis, and beyond.

Is My Coffee Toxic? With Dr. Charles Livingston

Dr. Charles Livingston is the king of clean coffee. He and his team at Lifeboost have created organic, low-acid coffees that promote better health – and they’re even tested for mycotoxins.

All Things Hormones with Leah Brueggemann

Leah Bruggemann, FNTP, is a hormone and women’s health expert. We had the chance to sit down with Leah to learn all about balancing hormones and managing your health.

Toxins & Mold with Dean Mahlstedt

Dean Mahlstedt is a mold inspector and an industry leader. He joins Dr. Greg to discuss the warning signs of a house filled with toxic mold and what to do about it.

Why Labs?

You’re not “normal” if you don’t feel normal. Lab testing is essential for those seeking the root cause of their condition.

Work directly with Dr. Greg to order the labs you need and complement them with expert insights and analysis to start your healing journey.

Dr. Greg’s enthusiasm for learning and living is contagious. He is approachable and accessible.

I have never questioned his care for my health and wellbeing and his knowledge, understanding and application of science and the body have been critical to his coaching success and my health!

I feel entirely blessed to be actively pursuing wellness while being coached by one of the best, Dr. Greg Mongeon!

Nina Boehr

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