What is functional medicine?

Functional medicine practitioners have completed training in traditional medical specialties but provide more patient centered care (as opposed to traditional care, which is typically centered on treating symptoms). Instead of treating patients for each specific symptom, doctors that practice functional medicine are concerned with the underlying causes of symptoms and conditions. These practitioners provide total care for the patient, taking into account the physical, emotional, mental, societal and environmental factors that may be adversely affecting a patient’s health.

What can I expect at my first appointment?

Dr. Greg will review your questionnaire and medical records, take an in-depth history, and may order lab testing. We are happy to address your questions; the initial appointment is designed to help educate and empower patients to make healthy lifestyle decisions.

Does Vitae accept my insurance?

We do not contract with any insurance companies or with Medicare. Therefore, payment is due at the time of visit. Dr. Greg and Vitae Clinic providers are considered out-of-network. Please contact your insurance company directly to find out what your out-of-network coverage is concerning an office visit and laboratory testing.

How do I schedule an appointment?

You can schedule an appointment right here on our website by clicking the “schedule a phone consultation” button in the lower left hand corner. Or, you can call our office (952) 905-0008

Where can I get blood testing done?

For patients who can easily access our Burnsville office, we are able to offer on-site draws. We also utilize the lab services at Arcpoint Labs and Any Lab Tests Now. Patients may also choose to have blood tests done at their primary doctor’s office.

How long will it take to get my results back?

Most lab results are available in approximately two weeks. Our staff will call you to schedule a follow-up appointment to review your lab results and discuss your treatment options.

When do I see my clinician again?

Once all your lab results are back, we will call and schedule a follow-up appointment with Dr. Greg to discuss your lab results and treatment options. If you are on a coaching plan with one of our clinicians and are making progress, there is no need to see Dr. Greg except for an annual visit. Should you not be improving, or if you experience a change in your health condition, Dr. Greg will want to see you to discuss other options.

Why do I need a follow up appointment?

The success of a patient’s treatment plan is largely dependent upon his/her compliance. When patients understand the importance of their lab results, it is easier to comprehend and follow their treatment plan. Dr. Greg and our clinical team partner with patients to assist them on the road to recovery and to learn how to stay healthy and avoid frequent medical appointments.

Can I do a telephone or virtual appointment?

Yes, Dr. Greg and other Vitae clinicians are able to successfully treat patients in office or via telemedicine appointments.

My clinician has ordered supplements. Where can I get them?

We sell supplements in our office and online – click the “store” button in the main menu to get started.

My clinician recommended I use coffee enemas as a part of my routine, how do I order my supplies and what do I do?

You can order your supplements online here:
Enema light roast coffee – here
Enema kit – here
We have an educational video – here

My clinician recommended a nebulizer. Where can I order one?

You can order the nebulizer machine – here

You can watch an educational video – here

I have a family member/friend who is interested in talking with Vitae. What should I tell them?

We appreciate your referral, and we would love to support your family or friends. Please send your referrals right here to our website or give them our phone number (952) 905-0008. Our team will help them through the process.